Re-calibrating work culture

We are a group of passionate and driven people that strive to deliver awesomeness to any project!

What is it like working at Calibreworks?

Our team works in collaborative manner to create solution that our client would love to use. Every new project is a challenge no matter how big or small and what we enjoy is the process to make us better, more efficient and productive.

It's YOU being YOUrself

Each individual at Calibreworks are unique and have their own perks. We like to play, and keep things fun while keeping our goals achieved.
Best of all we let you just be yourself and learn from each others


Growth Hacks & Learning From The Experts

What stops great individual from growing is that they are stop learning. Yes, we are into technology and design what makes it great is you. We work with experts in various backgrounds and fields that can help you to achieve your “inner greatness”. Our principle is of that Bruce Lee “be formless like water” when it comes to learning and growing.

A Tribe With Dedication & Positive Attitudes

Our deepest desire is to share positive impact in nationwide company’s culture.

We recruit people who are not just skilled, but people who are talented, goals driven, disciplined and share positive vibe and live life with purpose.

It is like a mini tribe where you will be surrounded with friends, and experts where you can work close face to face and help you to boost your inner being to a whole new level

Giving Back to The Community

One of our bigger mission as a company is to give positive impact to the nation and help build a better life for our community.

From sharing the knowledge to aspiring entrepreneur or to help the local foundation to reach their goals, it’s part of our philosophy to create positive social impact and to redefine corporate work culture to focus on productivity and happiness.

As a company we have mentored some of the local incubators program such as GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Indonesia) and help local startups to grow their business.

Respectively, we also create two social movements in entrepreneurship and technology called: Indonesia Digital Marketing Mastermind (IDMM) and InnerTalk (Intimate Entrepreneurship Talk) which involves local and International speakers.

Build Your Social Skill & Balance In Workplace

Being connected with the latest trend is cool but what’s great is to leverage the latest application to build a better life and social interactions.

We believe that social skills such as effective communication is the key to create a solid teamwork.

It is unfortunate to see that some people are so into technology but forget how to connect with people in life. In Calibreworks we help to recalibrate your work with social life.


We are looking for “warriors” who are smart and solution oriented. You will be actively involved in assigned projects and you get to do the thinking on how to make our client’s life at ease. We seek team players who are a diligent learner and know how to enjoy responsibility, develop their skills and living life at the fullest.